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Shaped from worldwide fascinating experiences, sincere passion, dedication and distinctive French roots, Intu-fit puts forward a fresh and open, rich and knowledgeable approach to fitness and lifestyle. Under multiple formats and destinations Intu-fit allows any of us to tune, feel and discover. It’s a real philosophy that respects you, your inner animal, as a “whole” towards the freedom of wellness and performance in our modern days. It uses nature, different environments, movements, skills, practice and the art of living within your own balance. It is a way of living and moving that can be combined and applied to any physical or life skills.

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“A l’etat sauvage” - Root your intuitions

Relate to your inner animal and what stimulates its mind. Think to nature for the more effective results in our modern lives. From barefoot fundamentals to being in the right mindset and living to respect natural rhythm, it’s amazing what you can do!


“Ressentir” - Develop your intuitions

Move and feel, like your own game… With a strong and reliable body foundation, using your senses and natural moves in an efficient manner, you can stay injury-free and experience everything you want! You feel good when you find your way to eat, relax, keep your own balance and when you guide yourself.


“Fais ce qu’il te plait” - Cultivate your intuitions

Do things you like, discover new things, fine-tune skills through practice, sometimes repetitions and techniques. Through boxing, the basics of parkour, challenging your body and mind, and the collaboration with other life skills, we’ll never stop enjoying learning!

The Intu-Fit Difference

to yourself and your environment can lead to more awareness and "freedom of moving", pain free, doing what you enjoy the most. And that can lead to performance through practice.

of one's uniqueness, needs and capacity of adaptation.

commands it all. Understand it and stimulate it.

Be a generalist, do what you like, respect the practice, share it, explore more. Don’t restrain yourself to “the fakeness of fitness”, seen and read. Think macro instead of micro, and be aware, wilder and mindful.

and injury management are one of the best opportunities to apply the Intu-fit philosophy.

with new, adventurous, challenging, cultural, skilful experiences, places and people; is the commitment of Intu-fit to keep reuniting people with different needs, practices and motivations, under the large spectrum of wellness and life. And never feel limited!
So please get in touch if you'd like to collaborate with us!